Bill Galvan

Bill Galvan is a comic book artist and illustrator. He has drawn for Archie Comics, Bongo Comics (Radioactive Man and Bart Simpson) and Marvel Comics (The Age of the Sentry").

In 2009 he collaborated with writer Batton Lash on the critically acclaimed mini-series Archie: Freshman Year, which chronicled Archie's first year in high school. This was followed by Archie: Freshman Year Book 2.

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The Bride painting and original rough sketch. Oil on canvas, 24X36”

Boris Karloff as the monster, digitally painted in Sketchbook Pro.

RoboCop digitally painted in Sketchbook Pro.

Freddy from Freddy vs. Jason. Digitally painted in Sketchbook Pro.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!


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Pencil art sneak peek! Bill Galvan does a great Veronica! #archiecomics #billgalvan #veronicalodge

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker poster, digitally painted in Sketchbook Pro.

Watercolor painting of the Bride.